See you back on the blog bro mock . This post will share the info how to fix the type of LED emergency lights are broken . I ‘ve commentator on a previous post regarding emergency lights but the type of fluorescent lamp inverter circuit in it .(Read: harga lampu emergency led surya )

lampu emergency surya

lampu emergency surya

Along with the development of technology types of fluorescent lights replaced with LED type lights that are highly energy efficient due to the small watt power consumption . Fluorescent type emergency lights eventually also goes in this direction because it is more power efficient and costs . Differences of this type of neon and LED located on the inverter circuit . LED emergency lights are not using an inverter circuit . So much easier in terms of improvement . Damage often occurs is that the LED lights do not turn on all or part . Usually there are two led large and small . Led large often die because it took power somewhat larger because in series . So that the battery voltage must be stable in 6volt . If the battery voltage drop then the LED lights will die .
The most important part that should be checked are :

1 . The Battery – > make sure the batteries under normal conditions does not drop . Checks should be no voltage using avometer 6volt . If the voltage is below the battery 6volt certainly drop . Please replace the new battery .

2 . Wires – > make sure no wires are broken. If there is only one cable there are broken LED lights will certainly die .

3 . Switch – > switch often occurs not function properly due to rusting . Please spray the cleaning fluid or replace it with a new one .

3 . Lamp LED – > there is usually one that is dead . Check one by one led by avometer 1x scale . If the light means ok .

4 . Damages battery charger circuit – > if the circuit is broken charger , automatic battery can not charge , the light eventually die because the battery voltage is depleted . This one has any emergency lamp charger circuit is different . There are three types of charger circuit . The first uses a transformer , transformer damage can be caused by damaged or dead . The second uses a switching power supply , use a power supply circuit which elekteonik , rare damage . The third one is the most simple and easily damaged . That is using mylar capacitor paralleled with a resistor and then entered into a rectifier diode , the damage that often occurs at short times milarnya capacitor value also decreases . Commonly used for emergency lighting or a kind of small size LED flashlight and charger is also used for mosquito racket . Please replace it new mylar , adjust its size . Replace the resistor too .(Read: harga lampu surya )

Of all the types of damage that I’ve encountered is most often because the battery drop . To some extent also due to faulty charger circuit . Indeed, there is little electronic circuit . But it’s not the inverter and battery charger circuit but rarely damaged auto .

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