Hilariously attractions in Surabaya, Bird Market Diponegoro

Fill the holiday with a trip to Surabaya are not limited to enjoy the charm of the old buildings of colonial Dutch heritage or perhaps sample a wide range of culinary specialties. To avoid boredom bertraveling in the city ‘s hero let down Jalan Diponegoro Surabaya .

Mengadobsi path name turbaned hero with this horse decades ago tarnished his name is often used as a base for women naughty . But after going through the approach , guidance and counseling from the various parties now naughty women had returned to their respective families to then become a woman of hope .

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In recent years this area has been more orderly . Since the establishment of the monument of Prince Diponegoro and overpasses ( flyovers ) Surabaya City Government is now the area looks more organized neat and attractive , especially for migrants from other areas .

Different panorama was certainly a better value Jalan Diponegoro . Construction of flyovers is not only beautify the area but to address traffic congestion to and from Jalan Diponegoro .

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On Sundays and other holidays Diponegoro area , particularly adjacent to the flyover is visited by many people . Even frequent traffic jam on Jalan Diponegoro . In this way we can see where the bird market Surabaya Jalan Diponegoro .

Diponegoro bird markets have been around a long time . Now the increasingly rapid development . Need a bit of demolition so that the traders birds and other pets only occupy booths available and not flaring out to occupy much less area riverbanks and city parks .

Diponegoro bird market occupies a fairly wide area . It extends from Jalan Diponegoro near the fly over to the area near the base of the Road Banyu Urip Tandes city transportation department . Not far from the market you can find a bird Diponegoro Bambooden restaurant , gas station and Giant supermarkets . Some food stalls and street food vendors also often earn a fortune when it flooded the region , especially on Sundays and other holidays .

On days other than Sundays and holidays , Diponegoro bird market area looks a bit empty . Visitors are only occasionally seen entering the store or vending booth birds that have been permanently there . While bird street vendors or other scavengers invisible sustenance . These vendors may not dare to do business on a typical day as empty.

In Surabaya market pet birds and other animals can also be found in Bratang Street near city transport terminals . Khabarnya still overshadowed by the Surabaya at Jalan Diponegoro .

For those of you who use public transport when visiting the bird market Diponegoro can depart from several main city bus terminal at Jalan Bungurasih – Sidoarjo or Joyoboyo city transport terminals , in – Wonokromo Jalan Surabaya . There are plenty of bus and minibus ( public transportation ) that are ready to take you to this area of ​​Jalan Diponegoro .

Sundays and other holidays seem to be a lucky day for the stall owners and vendors who earn a livelihood by selling various types of birds and other pets . When crowded reap dollars that opportunity is at hand . However the buyers of birds chirping or poultry and other pets should always be vigilant and more careful in choosing the animals he wants .

Sometimes for buyers who are less observant , he thought the bird chirping sounds good after it was brought back to the house can not even sing at all . These scams are usually done by vendors who do not have a fixed booth ( permanent ) .

It turns out the salesman ‘s mouth had also voiced birds like the sound of birds on offer . Strangely buyers just do not know the tricks and deception of action of this bird traders .

Diponegoro bird market in Surabaya , you not only find the bird sellers only. However there are many types of birds and other pets such as turkey , purebred cat , sugar glider , lemurs , mongoose , bats , reptiles and other rare animals that should be protected because of the brink of extinction but instead traded there .

” For a bat sold for 150,000 , – , a pair of turkeys appreciated Rp.400.000 , – up to 500.000 , – . Seekornya gecko sold for 25.000 , – up to Rp 30,000 , – ” Hadi said the bird market traders Reptiles in Diponegoro when talking with me that afternoon .

” Most visitors take advantage of the animals in addition to well maintained for drugs , for example bats used for the treatment of asthma , geckos believed to cure itchiness ” said Hadi convincingly .

Those who want beautiful animals like cats and funny race and sugar gliders ( native to Papua ) could come to market this bird . Not seldom from the visitors who once hobbyist or collector certain animals were also seen an owl hunting in the Diponegoro poultry market .

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Birds that have the creepy face that is usually used by farmers in the village as a rat predators it turns out there are also fans. Well if these unique animals also did not escape the fate of prey collectors preservation of animals earlier .

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