How to tame Bird Love Bird

Have you ever seen a bird lovebird eat directly from the hands of his master ? That’s what happened in the four tails love bird who successfully tamed by Joseph Nelson in London .

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Love bird is famous as the man approached a difficult bird . ” So , to enjoy the beauty of the feathers and the behavior is quite visible from a distance , ” said a collector of birds in Surabaya . The bird traders in the Market Scouts, Jakarta was argued the same .

However , all of that assumption is broken by Joseph Nelson . Within two months he managed to tame two birds lovebird Agapornis personata fischeri of types and two lovebird mutation results .

At home Nelson , caged four tame lovebird tail was placed in the family room . Cage door was left open . To prove that the birds are docile , Nelson accidentally hit the container feeders with a small spoon . Once heard a “ting – ting ” , the fourth lovebird tail was straight out of the cage closer to Nelson .

How do I love Nelson tame bird of Africa ‘s famous wild ? Penuturannya following :

known owner

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Familiarize lovebird bird in hand in order to know the owner stopped

The first step is to separate the Nelson to tame lovebird child from the mother at the age of three weeks . At that age lovebird already not too dependent on the parent and the provision of feed can be done by the owner .

If not separated , the child will always be trailing in the parent . Parent approached this difficult lovebird will fly away so approachable man . As a result, the child will follow in the footsteps of its parent .

Actually, this technique has long been known as bird enthusiasts who like tame pigeons or parakeets . However , no one has ever tried it on a lovebird . Children lovebird taken that morning will feel hungry in the afternoon . For that Nelson ran a red rice porridge for the baby in its beak . Only the owner should be ready to peck lovebird is still wild . Patukannya definitely pretty loud and bloody hands .

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Another possible way is to insert both hands into the cage . First hand that holds the feed container with a little distance away from the bird perch . Second hand outstretched to a nearby perch , fishing lovebird it jumps to hand in order to peck the food in the other .

How this is done continuously every day . Nelson did it three times a day at mealtimes when birds . In addition , every day the bird dieulus stroked his fur so she feels close to her employer . In this way Nelson managed to tame lovebird .



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