Tips on caring for the Red Anis Daily

anis merahThe key in the Red Anis playing field is to apply the Red Anis optimal treatment and care tips Red Anis daily. Why?? As ever ane Stages Featuring Anis commentator on the Red Square in the field is very important that we set the emotion and lust Red Anis, then in theory they will be if the Red Anis example we have the optimal point in the range of 4-6, so now the question is: How can Red Anis us both emotionally stable and lust in the range of 4-6 or at a level slightly below, so we can jack on the day of H. Or in other words how to keep the Red Anis us not to exceed the levels appeared to him, so we are not too dizzy for down on Day H.

So often the term “live maintainability previous owner”, be brief solution though not necessarily accurate. Why?? Are we really sure how to care for the daily Red Anis previous owners AM TSB has stabilized, or just a coincidence when he wants nampil TSB.

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So the most important play of the Red Anis is 3 points:

– Read and understand the character of our Red Anis (this takes some time), so we can conclude that the AM TSB character X and needed treatment A, B and C so that they will be the new PM can be stabilized.

– The factors that will affect the Red Anis Daily Treatment (internal and external). External means the environment in which care is Anis Merah (temperature, besides a baby Red Anis TSB, etc.) and Internal are fooding, cages and tangkringan.

– Setting Field after 2 things mentioned above we have done.

This time I want to discuss point 2, and tips (schools ane) about it.


1. Drying
We know that the Red Anis came from the mountains or from the cooler regions. Though the house where we care for and the field where we contest / practice is not always so ideal. Then they will be seen from the state of the Red Anis actually quite in drying ½ hour to 1 hour per day (normal hot conditions). But if ane personally prefer to hang with a longer duration. Because we Anis Merah drying with a longer duration would be easier to perform with the all-weather pitch, in addition to the Red Anis TSB will tend to rise in volume compared to the normal duration. Another effect of drying is a “little” influence on the decline of lust Red Anis, but once again it was just a little (not significant).

2. Shower
Baths are useful for fundamental health, so basically we get used AM bathe at least 1x per day. Another effect of the bath is a bit of Red Anis reduce fatigue and reduce emotion. For a little too emotional impact. Not infrequently some players believe that the Red Anis bath bad sign that he will perform with good performance.
Tip: Ane prefer basking first and bath. At the time that we give EF a shower and clean the cage AM.

3. Momongan Another addition to AM TSB.
To keep in mind that there will be some of the Red Anis very easy to ride lust even be difficult to control if there is another Red Anis. This usually occurs in the Red Anis old enough. Besides affecting other Red Anis is Cucak Ijo. There is a proverb that Cucak Ijo will affect the Red Anis lust, and ane prove that it is true but it is not absolute. This means that there are some who are affected (lust) some are not affected at all. Some baby again affecting (though not much) is Kacer, Tledekan, and the birds that have whistles similar to the Red Anis. Then not infrequently For the latter case is used as a surefire steps for fishing Red Anis ngeplong / sound. ( Read: cara merawat burung anis merah )

Tip: If we intend to have the AM more than 1 (one), consider carefully whether the character AM we have to be affected by other AM (assuming lust is difficult to control). If yes, should we “waste” or isolation in a special place.

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