how to keep the color of birds

For fans of canary color of course if you have to choose what color canaries desirable , of course, many who answered the red canary .

Lots going on in the description of the color red on buff canary mistaken , there is mention red color when the birds tend to be colored nearing intense orange color of carrots or even someone calls in with a red factor . Of course, if we want to return again when we were still sitting in elementary school course, we will never learn colors , we know that the red color is not orange . And this is quite common among the Canaries fans will delineate red in color instead orangelah canaries are considered red , but what can I say is going on in the world perburungan red walnut walnuts actually tend to the color orange .

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Actually there are indeed canaries in fact close to the color red and even then very difficult to find in the market , but do not rule out the possibility that the red canary right red can be produced through outcrossing between genes of similar birds , and of course a lot of this will take a long time and it takes patience high .

Red canaries are more expensive when compared with other colors such intense red color , on the market an intensive red color canaries average price of puppies about a month ranging from 850 thousand to 1.2 million and that too depends on the quality of the bird and the red color of the second factor ( the red but tends to orange) prices range from 200 thousand to 300 thousand for the size of children aged one month .

In my writing has to do with the red walnuts which I will discuss here the tricks on how to improve the color red canaries , so much so that people of color , especially red canary emerged from dicara normal color sense or in any way that dominant coat color red appears to be lure buyers , this way it can be taken with medicines color pigments are now many products sold in the market locally and abroad, it is legitimate as a form of innovation appearance ternd colors that are loved , but it is no bad effect is disappointment from the buyer after purchase of the bird , the buyer may initially feel proud to have a canary that is so contrasting red color , but after entering the period of moulting birds ( hair loss ) is where the buyers feel disappointed canary feather color is not as red as when first purchased , aka back kewarna original base which tends to orange color is pale or even faint due to the influence of drugs tritmen enhancing the color .

Here I want to share how to improve the color red on canary feathers that is by giving red chili peppers can be given directly or you can also cut up into small bulb by a match then you are in the sun to dry , once dry you can mix with daily feed so that walnuts walnuts will eat every day , the content of beta-carotene that is in very high red chili papikra then when consumed by the birds will increase red canary feathers in the colors kuningpun burng even when given chili peppers will tend kewarna fur color red , especially when the color of the plumage colored red factor canary or the intensive red color of red will appear more pleasing to the eye or contrast , but keep in mind that it is not giving chili peppers change color genes from the walnut become immortal , but if we are continuously giving the chili peppers certainly want factornya red walnut color red lit bisalah we do keep that coat color canary our good in view , and most importantly , if the bird had feathers that glows red when there is interested in buying please tell us the chronology of red chili peppers do not result in the provision of lie that the original color of the red gene . And consequently when we are lying of course disappointment that we will get .

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So that I can convey to my writing may be useful for those who need it , and do not rule out the original red canaries will be able to produce from the crossbreeding process .

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